10 Best-selling Spectacular Long Blue Evening Dresses 2016

If you were invited to an evening party and still do not know what evening dress you can wear, then you cannot miss this article best-selling spectacular long evening dresses collection full of details that will make you delight.

Suggestions are perfect for an evening prom party in which you will sparkle and shine in the crowd!

Among the models selected are pastels, perfect for brunette women, through more intense blue to reach the navy, it is also called blue night. Long party dresses with beautiful finishes, feathers and jeweled belts, ruffled details at the waist, draping, all with tissues full of streamline design and freshness.

Here we present Dresswe round neckline beautiful back evening dresses 2016 in the collection.

But the suggestions do not stop there! With such a variety of options, you will certainly find more than one suitable modern evening dresses to your style and taste.

Do not forget that blue always goes down well, either in long dresses or short evening dresses. Do not miss this gallery and meet the spectacular 10 long 2016 blue evening dresses.

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Beauty Tips: How to Make a Metallic Lipstick Evening Party Makeup?

After several absolute reigning seasons, matte lipstick finally starts to make room for beauty trends … is those metallized lipsticks? They were a real success in the 80s and 90s, came back with full force to the catwalks and are already gaining space in the heart and necessaries in the fashionistas!

The trend was already giving clues that would last in 2015. The golden lipsticks have stolen the shine in summer 2016 Prada show, beautifully signed by makeup artist Path McGrath, who had proposed a similar effect for the winter of Christian Dior Couture, also in 2015.

Prada SS16, beleza por Path McGrath e Christian Dior Couture FW15

Also during the summer season 2016, the singer Rihanna, who is known to adhere quickly to key trends, bet on a metallic blue lipstick to her party in NYFW, and if there was still any doubt that this would be the makeup item of time, the confirmation came when the younger sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie, decided to launch three metallic tones in her line of liquid lipsticks, which sold out within minutes.

If you think this is just a new term to speak of the known shimmering lipstick, was mistaken: this time, the sparkles appear in abundance, along with super pigmented colors with matte finish. The effect is amazing and goes well on all types of skin, and enhance the mouth and give the impression of fuller lips.

Want to how to make your metallic lipstick. Learn step by steps:

Still not convinced or found such marks near you? Do not worry, the metallic effect can be played at home and is also a great option to give a new face to lipsticks that you already have.

Just choose the lipstick with your favorite color;

A shadow scintillated which can be the same color or different shade and create their compositions.

After spending the lipstick is to apply the shadow, fixing the pigment in the mouth. It is also possible to mix lipstick and shadow on the back of the hand until the desired amount of brightness, and then apply the mixture with the aid of a brush.

Just choose your favorite lipstick and a shimmering shade which can be the same color or different tone to create new compositions. After spending lipstick apply the shadow with a brush or even the finger, fixing the pigment in the mouth. There, you can now shine with its metallic lipstick!

Check makes with metallic lipstick

When choosing the metallic lipstick careful not to push the visual! A great tip is to opt for neutral shades, opaque or low gloss so that the highlight is the lips.

To balance the lipstick shine, prefer neutral and opaque shadows, choose brightness needs to be more carefully so that the highlight is the mouth.


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Are You Looking for a Refined Elegant Evening Dress?

It is obviously that the evening party dresses make it an ideal choice of clothing for any evening party. Evening party dresses are not only used by people in general, but there are reports of celebrities wearing these attractive evening gowns to attend events.The Dresswe floor length sweep train evening dress are among these dresses most preferred by celebrities. Similarly, there are other attractive designer evening dresses that can be considered as perfect suit for women.

dresswe designer evening dress

Dresswe Designer evening dresses are highly favored by women like these dresses are suitable for most occasions ranging from birthday parties to Christmas’s Eve. According to the latest fashion trends, women are drifting toward dresses at the knee, which are available in different styles and designs and are perfect for any evening party. There are numerous aspects of clothing that should be kept in mind when shopping for your evening party dress.

When it is talking to the elegant evening dresses, you need to know your body structure at first. You should choose the dress should show the advantages of your body. For example, the knee length evening dress is suitable for a lady with well-defined waist. It is widely believed that the evening dresses with halter neckline are highly sexy and aphrodisiac. At the same time, it should be understood that these halter neck patterns are for women with impaired and backward.

There are different evening dresses, which may be suitable for different events. If you are preparing to attend a graduation event, then evening prom dress would be something you might want to consider. These dresses are long dresses with significant chapel train, train court floor length hemline or puffy skirt reach to the ankle. These dresses are usually dressed for prom nights or when ‘White Tie’ is mentioned in the invitation.

Full-length dresses are also on the shelf and are suitable for various occasions. Most celebrities are seen wearing these magnificent dresses for awards and other events. These designer evening dresses are made in different patterns, such as satin, polyester etc. Full length evening dresses are among the highly coveted costumes for parties. When dressed in the height of the full-length dresses ankle, feminism is portrayed efficiently. However, some cocktail dresses with sweetheart neck opening and thin hemline are also considered extremely charming.

So when it is a matter of exquisite look and creates a style statement it is important to reset your closet with these appealing and glamorous evening dresses.

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How to Make a Delight Evening Party Makeup with Colored Mascara?

The makeup of colored eyelashes has already trendy for over years, but it is often reclusive to the evening party makeup. However, the colored mascara is becoming a fever worldwide now.

For a delight look and have fun on your brand prom party, it is worth investing in a more natural skin and mouth and let the color touch subtle only the eyelashes. As the colorful mask can still be a somewhat daring feature, especially for those who are not used, the tip is, if using shadow, bet in neutral colors, nudes and light pearly.

For those who like to explore colors and possibilities, the sky is not limited. Worth investing in a tone on tone palette with shades of blue and blue mascara, for example. Contrasting color and combine different colors is also an option.

You can use colored mascara on the upper lashes and also the lower. To vary the look, gives to play wearing a black mask on the upper lashes and let the colored lower. There is also the possibility of using more than one color – here creativity is limited.

Here are some tips and makeup inspirations with colored mascara:

Colored eyelashes is trend in makeup:

Makeup with colored mascara, it is very charming with a touch of colored mascara:

Trendy makeup colored eyelashes

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Trendy News — Elie Saab 2016 Pre-Fall Haute Couture Evening Dresses Preview

When we think of haute couture evening dresses and red carpet season, what comes to mind at first? Super stars, celebrities, or amazing dresses?

It came to my mind is fashion designer Elie Saab. I planned to write an article about Elie Sabb haute couture evening dresses before, but it finished until today.

Do you follow the live show site by The Light of Now and also got the video in full? Okay, worth it!

Elie Saab bet much in light colors this season, embroidery and feathers are always hits the top fashion sense. Guess you have already enjoyed the short and long dresses on the video.

Maybe we’ll see some of them in the next Red Carpets. Ah … a bride came colorful and breathtaking; Do you want to wear this dress on your important occasions too? Gorgeous gorgeous!  Let’s enjoy together:

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What’s The Popular Colors of Next Season?

Every year, many fashion businesses carry out studies to forecast color trends that will be used on next season. These trends are anticipated for the market in order to influence people to revitalize what is around you, and determine the shades that will guide the year in areas such as fashion and other areas. Recently, Pantone has released its annual report called FCRF (Fashion Color Report Fall) 2016. The publication results will influence women’s and men’s fashion trends in the next season.

Below, let’s check the meaning of the color trends fall 2016, according to our Pantone:

Riverside (PANTONE 17-4028) : An important color on the palette, featuring sophisticated, is the symbol of strength and stability. With soothing effect, it has subtle vibrations in contrast to the exciting sensations.

Airy Blue (PANTONE 14-4122) : Search lightness before a world full of conflicts. Related to Serenity, brings the notion of freedom and can be combined with Lush Meadow, Taupe or Dusty Cedar for a new composition.

Sharkskin (PANTONE 17-3914) : Through a contemporary view, shows practicality and reliability. It can easily be combined with any other color this fall.

Aurora Red (PANTONE 18-1550) : A sensual red, hot and bold, is the metaphor of a vibrant blood. Responsible for the strong contrast with the other colors of the palette, it’s exciting and dynamic, bringing security and unmistakable confidence.

Warm Taupe (PANTONE 16-1318) : A color combined with each of the 10 trendy colors to be neutral and enjoyable. Organic and earthy, this tone suggests tranquility and reliability, characteristics related to the foundations of conceptual palette 2016.

Dusty Cedar (PANTONE 18-1630) : This is a more complex tone for its sobriety, with a variation of Rose Quartz.

Lush Meadow (PANTONE 18-5845) : A color can emit a botanical air fresh leaves. Elegant, energetic and sophisticated, this hue reveals brightness and depth to the natural green.

Spicy Mustard (PANTONE 14-0952) : An unusual and unexpected color is spicier than the previous seasons. It stands out for its exotic feature, having been inspired by the abstract and geometric content used by many designers.

Potter’s Clay (PANTONE 18-1340):  The face of autumn, remembering the dry leaves falling from the trees this season. This specific earth tone gives a sense of depth, while being sophisticated and can be worked in several layers. It has substance, strength and light orange-red elements.

Bodacious (PANTONE 17-3240) : This tone is undoubtedly difficult to be seen in the fall. His brilliance involves wealth combined with sophisticated purple rose’s nuances. It is also versatile and can be combined with stronger rose and red colors.


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Fashion Guides on How to Dress for Every Occasions

There are so many different dresses styles, how can I choose the right suitable dress for the correspondent occasions? Guess this is a very common problem. It can be difficult to know what to wear, even when the type of dress requested is stated on the invitation. Now let’s tell you how to dress suitable if you’re invited to an event in this article.

Men: Dressy trousers paired with a casual T-shirt or suede shoes.
Women: Stylish pencil skirt or dressy pants matched up with quality silk top or high heels.
Style: Smart Casual

Men: Wear leisure pants or dress t-shirt with a dressy leather shoes. A tie is optional. Pair with a slacker.
Women: Avoid wearing casual jeans, sneaker, and cotton T-shirt. Instead, opt for lovely pantsuits or a skirt. Pair with some pretty jewelry.

men's leisure outfitfashion women outfits

Men: Wear a polo shirt or simple printing t-shirt, Paired with leather flats or dressy belt.
Women: Choose a lovely floral printing day dress. Or opt for dresses or skirts featuring in simple country style.

Men: Wear a simple design button-down shirt, paired with khaki pants or a V-neck sweater, a casual blazer. A tie is optional.
Women: Put on a boutique pencil skirt, or dress pants paired with pure color or floral printing tops.

Men: Dark suit, coat, and tie. Opting for dark color trousers paired with a slacks and tie is also acceptable at some cocktail events.
Women: A long or short evening dress with some sequins or frills is very favored. It can’t go wrong choose an elegant black evening dress for great cocktail attire.

men's cocktail suitswomen's short evening dress

Men: Dark suits paired with a French style white T-shirt. Opting for a vest instead of a tie adds to the informality of the look.
Women: Wear a jacket or shawl to cover the arms, a dress that would be appropriate for lunch or afternoon tea is acceptable too.

Men: A short or long black tailcoat with white bow tie, casual white T- shirt. High-quality black pants are very popular too.
Women: A floor-length formal evening gown is very necessary. Accessorize with sparkle evening clutches, quality jewels, and up-do braid hairstyles.
Style Feature: WHITE TIE

Men: A boutique black tie with trendy prints and a dressy shirt. A silk blazer and a dress shirt are optional.
Women: A long formal evening gown, cocktail dress. Accessorize with the latest trending elements, such as frills, feathers, sequins and also.

Men: A white dinner jacket, in a worsted wool, gabardine, linen, or cotton fabric material. Pair with a white casual shirt, bow tie, and quality leather shoes.
Women: A long evening gown with some boutique jewelry.
Style Feature:WARM BLACK TIE

men's white dinner jacketswomen's long evening gowns

Men: A suit in a dark color like black or dark gray, paired with a white dress T-shirt, and a colored tie.
Women: A long elegant evening gown, cocktail dress or luxurious evening clutches, paired with some fabulous jewelry.

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The asymmetric designs evening dress was more of the proposals Paris Fashion Week for summer 2016, and is nothing more than dresses whose details right and left sides attractive and distinctive. Okay there is nothing new in 2016 evening dresses fashion show except asymmetric items, but we all know that fashion is so. Some trends come and go, some become stronger, and some become the forever bright classic.

Fashion Evening Dresses from Paris Fashion Week


Trendy Evening Dress from ADRIANA DEGREAS


On this season, asymmetrical cuts are not limited to skirts, blouses and tops but also appear in dresses. Let’s appreciate these excellent fashion images of how this trend appears in fashion week and then the streets.  Let’s start:

lace cutouts evening dresshalter one piece evening dressfloral print evening dressvogue style evening dress


Do you feel these asymmetric dresses wonderful too? It’s a great choice for those who have already tired of pieces traditional evening dresses and especially for those who would like to try! The tip is only one: to balance the look with other parts that are not asymmetrical, for example, if you wear an evening dress with polka dots printing, look for a more pretty sequins shawl.

classy one shoulder evening dress

Dresswe Glorious One-Shoulder Floor-Length Side-Split Sheath Evening Dress

black lace cut outs evening dress

Dresswe Fashion Sheath Bateau Neckline Lace Long Evening Dress

stunning floral print evening dress

Dresswe Pretty One Shoulder Printing Beading Trumpet/Mermaid Floor Length Evening Dress

milk yellow slim long evening dress

Dresswe Fashion Beading Trumpet/Mermaid Floor Length Zipper-Up Sweep/Brush Train Evening Dress

Only mixed with shoulder-only, floral print, lace see through, cutouts and asymmetric tips are the popular fashion of this summer, right? Let’s combine these fashion elements together and see how stunning these dresswe evening dresses will be. So if you know how to use these trendy elements on choosing one suitable dress or evening dress, believe you will enjoy this season of the year more freely and funny!

Next let’s see how other buyers from dresswe who said:

gorgeous lace see through evening dress

“When I am buying an evening dress for myself I have to keep a lot of things in mind. Its stratospheric price takes it far out of the reach of the average parent looking for a nice evening dress. I saw this dresswe sexy lace evening dress. It was my love at first sight! It’s of exquisite workmanship. The color and the style is also very attractive, it can show an elegant and noble feel in my party and also a great collocation with my tattoo.” Alice said.

sweetheart evening dress

“I just want a dress play a different style, sexy or mature to blend beauty and comfort, so I can show my confidence. I got this a-line floor length evening dress from Dresswe, with champagne color and gold belt; it can create a stunning vintage look with makeup. I like the style very much. “Marin said.

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Choose the Best Trendy Evening Dress for Your Body Type

It is very important that you choose a trendy evening dress that make you feel confident and suit your body type well in any times. Guess you don’t want to wear the same evening dress with anyone others at an important occasion. So you need to take these into consideration to ensure you choose the best trendy evening dress for you.

98 10199
Maybe there are many plenty of evening dresses for you to choose from, and you are dazzling about them and still don’t know which one should choose. In fact, there is simply one thing need to be followed. The cut and the color of your evening dresses should suit your body type and complexion first. Your body type will determine the best style of dress to look for, ensuring you look amazing on your big events.
Generally speaking, there are 5 Types of body types. Each type will enjoy the benefits of a particular style. Don’t worry there are so many trendy evening dresses to suit each types. So you don’t have to worry about the selections available.

All Body Shapes
Body Type 1: Apple Shape
If you are an apple shaped body, what you need to do is draw all attention away from your waist. So you can choose an empire waist evening dress, which sits just below your breasts. This will allow a free flowing design over your waist areas.

Apple Shape
Body Type 2: Pear Shaped
If you are pear shaped, what you need to do is draw everyone’s attention away from your upper part. So you can choose an evening dress that fitted at the top with an A-line skirt or choose crop top typed evening dresses.

Pear Shape
Body Type 3: Hourglass Shaped
If you are legend perfect hourglass shaped body, congratulations on you, you can wear just about any type evening dresses just as you like.

Hourglass Shaped
Body Type 4: Bustier Shape
For those with a bustier shape where you are larger on the upper half, choose a neckline that makes you feel comfortable, but concentrate on the skirt. Devote more time and energy to the skirt design can draw more attention away from your bust. If unfortunately, you are not only busty but also shorter, then stay away from the long evening dresses, because they will make you look shorter. Choose a shorter evening dress above the knee is a good choice.

Bustier Shape
Body Type 5: Boyish Shaped
If you are boyish body shaped, then you can choose to try with just any average evening dresses on the department or online stores, do remember choose ones that draws attention to your best part.

Boyish Shape
On choosing the best trendy evening dresses, the basic thing is to decide your best features of your body types and tones then get rid of what you are not very proud of. These simple things make big differences in the total look of your best evening dress. Another thing important is once you have found your right cut and suitable types, it’s best to stick to it.

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How to Select an Ideal Formal Evening Dress for the Important Occasions?

How to select an ideal formal evening dress or trendy evening dress for your important events? Follow the fashion tips of online store or brand magazines? Sure you can also follow our blog, because we can give your many useful suggestions on how to choose an ideal formal evening dress for any special occasions.

Latest celebrity red carpet evening dressess

To find an ideal formal evening dress for the slim average body type chic girl isn’t a big problem. However, in reality ideal formal evening dresses have been usually been a hole for many plus dimension ladies. Formal evening dresses maybe good choices for some fashion young girls, however, it will not so sensible for the rest. If you might be a plus sized then chances are you’ll uncover it slightly additional challenging so you can get a stylish trendy and gorgeous evening dress. But there is nothing to fear about.

Choose an ideal formal evening dress can increase your confidence and performance in lively chatting, intimate mingling and gradual dancing and also occasions. This is why each single lady feverish about all kinds of latest trends evening dresses. You can find several points to considering such as the occasion that you are planning to attend, your position, your styles and your price range. Styles and colors are the most important features when you choose an ideal formal evening dress. You need to choose your best dress that matched with your skin tone, too.

fashion white long evening dressessexy long evening dresseselegant evening dresses

A simple red or white formal evening dress will not go out of style in any case, but it may not be suitable for someone who is very pale. So you need to do is decide a coloration that suitable for you and make you shining. You don’t need to afraid of being experimental or stylish with strategy on low cost or cheap ones. Maybe you have a wide of choices about trendy evening dresses to choose from. It is only whenever you do that you just arrive at appreciates the body type and be more assured to become trendy.

So what you just need to do is get the right formal evening dress that matches your own style and flavor. Then you can get the proper evening dress for these funny adult     occasions. On this situation, you also have to take into considerate the limitations as which style and slice of outfits flatter you determine greatest. Most of your trendy evening dresses that you simple see in excellent exhibition and catalogs are changing into daring and acquiring in touch with most women’s sexier side. Last but most important, picking an ideal formal evening dress requires sensible procuring and persistence and boldness to consider quite a few possibilities. It really requires an eye for what works and don’t operate available for you.

celebrity evening dresseslatest trendy evening dresses

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